Baseball Injury Compensation Awarded to Boy

A young boy who suffered life changing injuries when he was struck by a baseball in a Little League game has been awarded 14.5 million dollars in baseball injury compensation.  

Steven Domalewski from Wayne, New Jersey, was just 12 years old when playing as a pitcher in a Police Athletic League baseball game in 2006. In a freak accident, the batter to who Steven threw the ball hit a firm line drive, which caused the ball to fly back at Steven at speed and strike him in the chest – putting him into cardiac arrest. By the time emergency services resuscitated him, Steven´s brain had been starved of oxygen for 15 minutes, due to which he sustained irreversible brain damage.

After seeking legal counsel, Steven’s family filed a claim for children’s sports injury compensation against Little League Baseball, the manufacturer of the metal baseball bat that had been used during the game and the retailer of the bat, alleging that it had been dangerous to use a metal bat in the game as metal bats can hit a baseball at a greater speed than wooden bats.

The family alleged that had a wooden bat been used in the game, Steven would not have suffered such severe injuries and supported their childrens sport injury claim with figures produced by Little League Baseball which revealed that since the performance of metal bats had been limited to those of the best wooden bats – a measure introduced in 2008 – injuries to Little League pitchers had fallen by 80 percent.

Little League Baseball, Hillerich and Bradsby – the makers of the “Louisville Slugger” – and the national retailer of the bat, Sports Authority, all denied liability for Stevens injuries but, at the State Superior Court in Passaic County, the judge heard that a settlement had been agreed upon which would see Steven receive 14.5 million dollars in childrens sport injury compensation to provide him with the specialist care he will require for the remainder of his life.