Court Approves Assessment of Bouncy Castle Accident Compensation

A judge at the Circuit Civil Court has approved an assessment of bouncy castle accident compensation for a seven-year-old-girl who was injured while visiting the Craggaunowen Living Past Experience.

The Injuries Board assessment had made in respect of a claim for bouncy castle accident compensation made on behalf of Aimee Turner from Kilmore in County Limerick by her mother – Rachel Cross – following the events of April 2010 when Aimee was struck in the face while playing on a bouncy castle situated in the grounds of the Craggaunowen Park.

A dental examination several days later revealed that damage to Aimee´s upper left central baby incisor tooth had caused bleeding in the crown of the tooth and Aimee was referred to consultant maxillofacial surgeon Michael Kilbride, who extracted the damaged tooth. It was determined that Aimee would be unlikely to suffer any permanent injury despite the tooth being removed eighteen months prematurely.

After seeking legal advice from a solicitor, Aimee´s mother made a claim for bouncy castle accident compensation against the owners of the Living Past Experience on the grounds that the activity area should have been supervised at the time of her daughter´s accident. The owners of the site acknowledged their liability for Aimee´s injury and an application for assessment of bouncy castle accident compensation was submitted to the Injuries Board.

At the Circuit Civil Court, Circuit Court president Mr Justice Raymond Groarke approved the assessment of the claim; which consisted of €5,000 compensation for pain and suffering Aimee experienced due to her tooth injury and €1,624 special damages for the costs incurred by Aimee´s mother in seeking dental treatment for her daughter and bringing the claim for bouncy castle accident compensation.