Car Park Slip Compensation for Shop Car Park Victim

A woman, who slipped and fell on her way from a supermarket car park to the stores, is to receive an undisclosed amount of shop injury compensation after the shopping centre owners admitted liability for her injuries.

Gweneth Bowler (64) from Quorn, Leicestershire, broke her right shoulder and hip when falling on a wet surface that had formed within the covered bridge area connecting the Highcross Shopping Centre car park with the stores.

Following the slipping incident, which happened in January 2011, Gweneth wrote to Leicester City Council about her fall and injuries which prompted a health and safety investigation into the hazard. The investigation showed that the surface of the bridge posed a high risk of slipping when the weather was wet and that there was evidence of inadequate cleaning.

After seeking legal guidance, Gweneth then sued the owners of the shopping centre – Hammerson PLC – who accepted liability and negotiated an undisclosed settlement of shop injury compensation to account for the pain and suffering that Gweneth experienced at the time of her injury and her ongoing inability to drive and lift items of any weight.