Claim for Passenger Injuries due to Whiplash Resolved at Court Hearing

A claim for passenger injuries due to whiplash has been resolved in a hearing at the Circuit Civil Court.

Twenty-year-old John Connors from Saggart in County Dublin was a passenger in his aunt´s car when she inadvertently hit a wall alongside the Kiltipper Road in Tallaght on 2nd December 2010.

John, who was only fifteen-years-old at the time of the accident, was treated at the Tallaght Hospital in Dublin for neck and back soft tissue injuries, and he returned to the hospital on several more occasions for physiotherapy.

On behalf of his son, John´s father made a claim for passenger injuries due to whiplash against his aunt – Bridget Connors. Liability for John´s injuries was admitted, but the Injuries Board assessment of compensation was contested, and the case went to the Circuit Civil Court to be resolved.

At the Circuit Civil Court, Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke heard that confusion existed over John´s claim for passenger injuries due to whiplash as a similar action being pursued in County Cork.

John told Judge Groarke that his father (now deceased) had previously taken him to see a firm of solicitors after the car accident, but he did not know who they were or where to find them.

As the claim for passenger injuries due to whiplash was before Judge Groarke for the assessment of damages only, the judge asked John whether he suffered any long-term consequences from the accident in his aunt´s car.

John replied that the injuries to the soft tissues in his back and neck had healed, but he suffered from an unrelated liver condition that stopped him from drinking alcohol and that would eventually lead to premature aging.

Judge Groarke awarded John €10,000 in settlement of his claim for passenger injuries due to whiplash. The judge also awarded John the costs of bringing his legal action and said that it had not been denied that John had suffered some level of soft tissue injuries as a result of the accident.