Compensation for Accidents in Childcare Centres Approved in Court

Two settlements of compensation for accidents in childcare centres were approved on the same day at the High Court in Dublin by Mr Justice Michael Peart.

The first of the compensation claims for accidents in childcare centres concerned a claim brought by the father of Ella Rogerson from Navan in County Meath against the Sandy Childcare Centre in Dunshaughlin.

Ella´s father claimed that an accident in June 2010, in which his daughter had suffered a serious eye injury, was due to negligence and a breach of care by the childcare facility.

The owners of the Sandy Childcare facility had originally denied the compensation claim for an accident in a childcare centre – contesting that they were not at fault when Ella was hit in the face by a jet of water from a hose.

However, as Mr Justice Michael Peart was told, a settlement amounting to €122,000 had been agreed upon and, after hearing the circumstances of Ella´s accident, the settlement was approved.

Judge Peart was again sitting when the case of three-year-old Lauren Torpey was brought before him. Lauren – from Rathgar in Dublin – had tripped at the Giraffe Childcare Centre in June 2011 and suffered a terrible laceration to her face when she had fallen against a sharp skirting board.

On this occasion, liability for the accident had been admitted, and a negotiated settlement of compensation for accidents in childcare centres had been accepted by both parties. Again, after listening to how Lauren sustained her injury, Judge Peart approved the settlement of compensation.