Judge Approves Settlement of Compensation for an Accident in Tesco

A Circuit Court judge has approved a €18,000 settlement of compensation for an accident in Tesco which left a nine-year-old schoolgirl with a permanent scar.

Angela Prendergast from Kilcoole in County Wicklow was just six years of age when – in September 2010 – she was shopping with her mother at the local Tesco Express Supermarket. As mother and daughter were browsing the frozen food section in the supermarket, Angela fell due to a slippery floor surface and banged her head against a freezer cabinet.

First Aid was administered at the supermarket by a Tesco employee before Angela´s mother – Ann Prendergast – took Angela to the local hospital. Angela´s cut was cleaned and stitched with glue at the hospital, but Angela still has a two centimetre scar on the right side of her forehead to remind her of the accident in Tesco.

After reporting the accident to the supermarket and seeking legal advice, Ann Prendergast made a claim for compensation for an accident in Tesco on her daughter´s behalf. Tesco Ireland Ltd admitted their liability for Angela´s injury and a settlement of €18,000 was agreed between the two parties.

As the claim for an accident in Tesco had been made on behalf of a minor, the settlement of compensation had to be approved by a court before Angela´s case could be closed. Consequently, at the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin Mr Justice Matthew Deery was told the circumstances of Angela´s accident in Tesco.

After hearing how Angela had slipped and banged her head as she fell, and after seeing the scar on Angela´s forehead, Judge Deery approved the settlement of compensation for an accident in Tesco and ordered that the funds be paid into court until Angela reaches the age of maturity.