Court Awards Compensation for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Injury

A woman in the United States has been awarded compensation for complex regional pain syndrome after an accident in a supermarket left her with a neurological injury.

Fifty-one year old Rose Nudelman from New York had just finished shopping with her husband in the Brooklyn branch of Costco Supermarket when she wheeled her loaded shopping trolley onto the ascending supermarket escalator between floors of the supermarket.

The tread on the escalator had been constructed in such a way that supermarket customers did not have to hold onto their trolleys to prevent the trolleys rolling back down the slope; however, on this occasion, Rose´s trolley broke free of the mechanism and struck her on the wrist with force.

Despite not having sustained any apparent physical injuries, Rose and her husband had the foresight to report the accident to the supermarket after it happened. However, within two weeks Rose started to experience mobility problems which deteriorated to the point that she was only able to hobble around her home with the use of a walking stick.

Rose´s doctors diagnosed that she had developed the neurological condition “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome” caused by nerve damage when she was struck by the shopping trolley. Rose sought legal advice and made a claim for compensation for her complex regional pain syndrome injury.

Costco Supermarket rejected her claim, contending that she had exaggerated the level of her injury to extract the maximum compensation settlement. Not dissuaded, Rose continued with her claim and, following a court hearing, a New York jury awarded Rose $9.9 million in compensation for complex regional pain syndrome injury.

Costco Supermarket´s insurers have said that they intent to appeal the size of the settlement, but Rose´s solicitor commented that no amount of money would persuade anybody he knew to exchange places with his client.