Holiday Sun Lounger Injury Compensation For Irish Tourist

An Irish tourist, who suffered head and neck injuries when a poolside lounger collapsed while she was on it, has been awarded 38,000 Euros in holiday sun lounger injury compensation by a court in Dublin.

The Dublin Circuit Civil Court was told that Mary Lee (74) was enjoying a week´s hp;iday with her husband at the Hotel Galeazzi in Brescia, Italy, when the sun lounger on which she was reclining collapsed, causing Mary to fall to the floor and bashed her head on the concrete poolside.

As she sat in an upright poisiton, Mary felt disorientated and dizzy, and was immediately taken to the local hospital in Brescia where she was diagnosed with severe soft tissue injuries to her head, neck and spine. Mary was given painkilling tablets at the hospital, but continued to suffer from the pain of her injury and was bedbound for the remainder of her holiday.

On her return from the vacation, Mary visited her local GP and was prescribed stronger painkillers. Unfortunately the pains persisted in Mary´s neck and shoulders and she was not able to pursue a normal life. After advice of a legal nature, Mary made a claim for holiday sun lounger injury against the travel agents through which she had booked her holiday.

The travel company did not accept liability for the injuries Mary had suffered and sought to have the owners of the hotel brought into proceedings as third party defendants. However, at the judge  ruled in Mary´s favour and awarded her 38,000 Euros in holiday sun lounger injury compensation.