Woman Settles Injury Compensation Claim against Irish Rail

A woman who broke her ankle when she slipped on ice at Connolly Station in Dublin has settled her injury compensation claim against Irish Rail after a hearing at the High Court.

Ciara Morgan (32) from Kentstown in County Meath was returning from a Christmas shopping trip in Belfast on 10th December 2010, when the train she was travelling on arrived at Connolly Station in Dublin.

The platform at which the train stopped had been exposed to the elements throughout the day and, as she stepped down from the train carriage onto the platform, Ciara slipped on the icy surface and broke her ankle as she fell.

Ciara – who works as a clerical assistant for the Health Service Executive – was assisted at the scene of her accident by an Irish Rail employee, but spent the Christmas period with a plaster cast over her foot and was unable to return to work for eight weeks.

In her subsequent injury compensation claim against Irish Rail, Ciara alleged that she sustained a back injury in the accident which still troubles her now and prevents her from picking up her small child or wearing high-heeled shoes.

Irish Rails admitted that it was negligent for failing to grit the platform, clear the snow before it had compacted on it, or give any warning of ice on the platform, but contested the extent of Ciara´s injuries and the case went to the High Court for the assessment of damages.

At the High Court Ms Justice Bronagh O’Hanlon heard how the Irish Rail worker had tried to assist Ciara by placing her in a shopping trolley while waiting for a wheelchair to be located. In a scenario described in court as “hapless and comical”, Ciara explained that her back injury was a result of falling from the shopping trolley.

Ciara told Judge O´Hanlon “I will never get that Christmas back when my first child was three years of age. It was a horrible time for all my family.” The judge subsequently awarded her €50,000 in settlement of her injury compensation claim against Irish Rail.