Judge Approves Injury Compensation for an Accident in a Museum

Circuit Civil Court President, Mr Justice Raymond Groarke, has approved a settlement of injury compensation for an accident in a museum which left an eight-year-old boy with a permanent scar.

The judge heard how  Bradley Kavanagh from Dublin had been visiting the National Museum of Ireland in Benburb Street, Dublin, in 2011 with his grandfather when he tripped on what was described in court as a ‘defective floor surface’ and sustained a bad cut to his forehead just above the left eyebrow.

Bradley – who was just six-years-old at the time – was taken to the Children´s Hospital in Temple Street by ambulance, where five stitches were administered to the wound while Bradley was under a general anaesthetic.

Bradley made a claim for injury compensation for an accident in a museum through his parents and, in court, Mr Justice Raymond Groarke was told that the National Museum of Ireland had made an offer of settlement amounting to €17,000 plus €1,133 costs.

After hearing that the family were willing to accept the offer and witnessing the permanent scar on Bradley´s forehead, the judge approved the settlement.