Post Traumatic Stress Compensation Offered to Airplane Crash Survivors

Survivors of the San Francisco airplane crash last month have been offered $10,000 post traumatic stress compensation from the airline company.

Three passengers died in the crash at San Francisco International Airport on July 6th, when a Boeing 777 carrying passengers from Seoul misjudged the height of a seawall on the perimeter of the airport and crash-landed on the runway. Forty-nine of the 181 passengers taken to hospital that day still remain in a serious condition, with doctors fearing that the spinal injuries suffered by some could become a permanent disability.

The offer of post traumatic stress compensation offered by Asiana Airlines will be paid to all of the 288 survivors who were travelling on the plane – whether they suffered a physical injury or not – and is not conditional on passengers waiving their right to claim further personal injury compensation for a plane crash under the terms of the Montreal Convention.

Under the Montreal Agreement, any airline carrier is automatically liable for injuries sustained by a passenger while travelling on an airplane, however US citizens will be entitled to far higher settlements of compensation due to their own national legislation than other nationalities once the investigation by the US National Transportation Safety Board (USNTSB) into the cause of the crash is completed.

Final settlements of plane crash injury compensation may take many months to determine, for as well as the possibility of spine injuries deteriorating into a permanent disability, it may be the case that passengers may be eligible for further payments of post traumatic stress compensation if a high degree of psychological injury is diagnosed once the USNTSB´s investigation is completed.