Pothole Cyclist Compensation For Man

A man, who suffered arm and wrist injuries after falling from his bicycle when hitting a pothole in the road, has won his pothole cyclist compensation claim against his local council.

James Tarrant (62) from Windsor, Buckinghamshire, was cycling to work one morning in October 2008 when his bicycle fell into a pothole which had formed beside a manhole cover on Bangor Road, Iver. In addition to suffering arm and wrist injuries, James also had to undergo some dental treatment to have a tooth extracted as a result of his accident.

After seeking legal guidance, James made a fell in pothole compensation claim against Buckinghamshire County Council, claiming that the road was in a state of disrepair and, although he had his bicycle lights on, the road was so poorly lit that he only saw the hazard when it was too late to take evasive action.

After their own examination into the accident, Buckinghamshire County Council admitted liability for James´ injuries and awarded him 4,191 pounds for cyclist fall in pothole compensation to account for his pain and suffering and the cost of dental treatment.