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Woman Awarded Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries

A woman has been awarded more than €234,000 compensation for dog bite injuries she sustained in a terrifying attack by two powerful boxer dogs.

The unnamed woman was enjoying an evening walk along a rural lane when the attack happened. Two boxer dogs, who had been standing in the driveway of their owner´s home, started to approach her. The woman told them to go home, but they jumped up at her, knocked her to the ground, and started attacking her.

The woman´s first thoughts were to protect her face by covering it with her arms, but the dogs managed to get through her defences – biting her face, head, forearms and body, and causing multiple puncture wounds and lacerations that have now developed into visible and permanent scars.

The attack was stopped by a passing lady motorist, who sounded the horn of her car and frightened the dogs away. The boxer dogs have since been destroyed and their owners admitted liability when the woman made a claim for compensation for dog bite injuries. In order to settle the claim, the case went to the High Court for an assessment of damages.

At the assessment hearing, Mr Justice Anthony Barr was told the details of the attack. The judge also heard evidence from medical experts who attested to her physical and emotional injuries. When the woman gave her evidence, she told the judge who she had been devastated by the change in her appearance and how her young children had been frightened to get close to her.

Judge Barr was shown photographs of the woman taken shortly before and after the attack, and he accepted she had undergone a profound change in her appearance, personality and mental state as a result. The judge also acknowledge she had suffered a moderate level of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Awarding the woman €234,557 compensation for dog bite injuries, the judge said he was confident she had had not exaggerated the injuries she had sustained nor embellished the details of the terrifying attack.

Settlement of Compensation for Dog Bite Injury Approved in Court

A young girl, who was attacked by a Rottweiler that had been allowed to escape from its home, has had a settlement of compensation for a dog bite injury approved at the High Court.

On December 26th 2011, Lauren Kelly from Abbeylara in County Longford was playing “hunting the wren” with family and friends when she came across a Rottweiler that had been allowed to escape from its home and wander the streets.

The Rottweiler attacked Lauren – who was just nine years old at the time – and, despite Lauren´s mother and friends trying to pull the dog away, Lauren suffered multiple bite injuries to her upper right arm. Lauren was treated at hospital for her dog bite injuries and subsequently had to undergo skin graft operations which has resulted in significant scarring.

Lauren made a claim for compensation for a dog bite injury through her father – Michael Kelly – alleging that the owner of the dog had been negligent in allowing the Rottweiler to escape. The dog´s owner – William Crawford also of Abbeylara in County Longford – admitted liability and a €150,000 settlement of compensation for a dog bite injury was negotiated.

In order for the settlement to be approved, Lauren´s claim for dog bite injury compensation was heard before Mr Justice Kevin Cross at the High Court in Dublin. Judge Cross was told how Lauren had been tossed around like a rag doll while the attack was in progress and how she subsequently suffered nightmares. Lauren also has to wear a protective sleeve while swimming to prevent an infection to her arm.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross approved the €150,000 settlement of compensation for a dog bite injury. The compensation settlement will be held in an interest-bearing account at the court until Lauren reaches the age of eighteen. Lauren´s patents will be able to access the compensation fund if Lauren requires further medical attention to cope with the consequences of the attack.

Court Finds Couple Negligent in Dog Bite Injury Claim for Compensation

The High Court has found a Kilbeggan couple negligent in a dog bite injury claim for compensation brought against them by their postman.

Joseph Dunne (63), also from Kilbeggan in County Westmeath, was delivering letters to the home of  Olive Dalton and Martin Maher of Dublin Road, Kilbeggan when, on 8th October 2008, the couple´s husky-type dog escaped from their garden through a hole in the hedge and attacked him.

Joseph was knocked to the floor by the dog, and endured a terrifying attack while the dog continued to claw and bite him. Fortunately a passer-by was able to halt the attack by striking the dog across the back with a stick and an ambulance was called to take Joseph to hospital.

At the hospital, Joseph received twenty-two stitches for lacerations to the right side of his face and received treatment for nerve damage to the right side of his forehead. When the stitches were removed, it was necessary for Joseph to undergo plastic surgery to disguise his scars.

After seeking legal advice from a solicitor, Joseph made a dog bite injury claim for compensation against Ms Dalton and Mr Maher – alleging that they had been negligent in failing to enclose their garden securely and for not informing An Post of the potential dangers of delivering post to the property.

The couple denied their liability for Joseph´s injuries and the case went to the High Court in Dublin, where Mr Justice Michael Moriarty was told that the dog had been put down on the day following the attack.

After hearing evidence from both parties, the judge found in Joseph´s favour, and awarded him €55,000 in settlement of his dog bite injury claim for compensation – commenting that Joseph had been brave to return to work so soon after what must have been a particularly frightening event.