Pedestrian Crossing Accident Compensation

How do I know if I can claim pedestrian crossing accident compensation?

You may be entitled to claim compensation for pedestrian crossing accident compensation, as long as the accident resulted in injuries that were serious enough for medical attention to be administered, and that the injuries were sustained due the negligence of a third party. It must be said that no claim for pedestrian crossing injury can be made without evidence of your injuries in your medical records. In addition, any delay in being examined by a medical practitioner could see the value of your compensation decrease to reflect your own lack of care.

Another essential component of claims for pedestrian crossing accidents is proving liability. You should bear in mind that in a case such as this, involving pedestrians, the injured party is not generally responsible for the accident and claims brought forth by pedestrians have a strong possibility of being successfully resolved.

Drivers owe a duty of care to pedestrians and should be especially observant and alert when driving towards a pedestrian crossing. When safety allows, drivers should always stop at pedestrian crossings to allow for people to cross. However, it is the pedestrian’s own responsibility to wait to cross the road until they are certain that the driver has been made aware of their presence. There is the possibility that the pedestrian at the centre of a claim for pedestrian injury compensation being deemed partially liable for the accident if it transpires that they began to cross the road without looking for approaching cars.

It would be advantageous to your claim for pedestrian crossing accident compensation to have support such as witness testimonies which could help in determining that a driver had been negligent and caused the accident. Further weight would be added to a pedestrian crossing injury claim with photographs taken at the scene, if available and from footage recorded on CCTV.

It is of vital importance that the accident was reported to the Gardai. If the accident was not serious enough to require Garda presence, you should attend the local Garda station and have the specifics of the accident noted in the Gardai’s Accident Report Book.

A claim such as this would strongly benefit from the expert advice that could be obtained from an experienced personal injury claims solicitor. By engaging a solicitor as soon after receiving medical care for your injuries as possible, not only will they be able to assist with the compiling of evidence, they could make sure that all essential elements of your claim for pedestrian injury compensation are adequately communicated in the Application Form A for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland. Your solicitor would also be able to enter negotiations with the negligent party’s insurance company in an attempt to recover a satisfactory amount of pedestrian crossing accident compensation in the quickest possible time.