Personal Injury Litigation

Although the Injuries Board Ireland (or PIAB) has contributed much to personal injury litigation in terms of the length of time it takes for claims for personal injury compensation to be resolved and reducing the costs to the State, more than two thirds of personal injury claims are still settled by negotiation or through the court system. There are several reasons for this:-

Denial of Liability. When the negligent party denies that they were responsible for your injuries, the Injuries Board will decline to assess your application for personal injury compensation. Instead they will issue you with an authorisation to pursue your claim through the courts, where you will be represented by a solicitor to get the maximum compensation award through personal injury litigation.

Contributory Negligence. Again, the Injuries Board Ireland will decline to assess your personal injury claim if the negligent party claims that you contributed to your injuries by your own actions or there was more than one negligent party and the percentage of liability still has to be agreed upon. As with denial of liability, your case will be resolved by personal injury litigation.

Assessment Rejection. This is where the Injuries Board Ireland makes their assessment of compensation for your injuries and it is rejected by either the negligent party or yourself. Even though liability is not in doubt, you will have to use the services of a personal injury litigation solicitor to settle your claim for compensation in court or by negotiation.

Third Party Capture. Increasingly, insurance companies representing the negligent party will approach an accident victim with an offer of early settlement. This is done to save their court costs and reduce the compensation payment, if they can. A fair settlement can be negotiated by your solicitor through personal injury litigation.

Medical Negligence. The Injuries Board Ireland declines to deal with cases of medical negligence as compensation settlements are based on medical opinion rather than physical evidence. A personal injury litigation solicitor will be required to construct the strongest possible case on your behalf and guide you through the process of injury litigation in court.

Free Personal Injury Litigation Advice

Personal Injury Litigation ensures that you receive the maximum settlement of compensation for your personal injury whether your claim for compensation is processed by the Injuries Board Ireland or not. By using a personal injury litigation solicitor to prepare and submit your application form to the Injuries Board Ireland, he will prepare the strongest case for you from the very beginning – conscious that the claim may have to go to court for personal injury litigation.

If you have been injured in an accident for which you were not to blame, and would like advice about personal injury litigation before making a claim for personal injury compensation, you are invited to call our free personal injury litigation advice service on 1800 911 940. You will be able to discuss your claim for personal injury compensation with an experienced solicitor and receive accurate and valuable information about your entitlement.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

We have over twenty years experience in assisting clients with claims for personal injury compensation and acknowledge that the Injuries Board Ireland has achieved a great deal since 2004. However, it tends to overlook individual circumstances by grouping injuries together and many people run the risk of being undercompensated.

Therefore, when you call our free personal injury litigation advice service, the first things we would ask you to tell us are how you sustained your injuries, what treatment you received at the time and what ongoing care is required currently. However, we will also want to know the effect your personal injury has made to your quality of life and those around you.

This additional information will help us compile a preliminary assessment of our own which will help us determine if you have a claim for personal injury compensation which is worth your while to pursue, how much compensation we would expect you to receive for your injuries and what likelihood there is of your claim requiring personal injury litigation.

During our discussion, you are welcome to ask as many questions as you believe are relevant to your claim, and we always check before the conclusion of our conversation that you have understood the advice we have give you. We also offer you a selection of options to consider based on your personal circumstances – which you are under no obligation to act upon, but may find useful to discuss with family and friends before deciding to proceed with a claim for personal injury compensation.

The prospect of personal injury litigation can put off people who do not know what is involved from making a claim for personal injury compensation when they are entitled to do so. By calling our free personal injury litigation advice service, you will understand more about what is involved in the process and the protection offered by your personal injury litigation solicitor.

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