Scar Injury Compensation Claim

Many claims for personal injury compensation focus on the obvious injuries that have been sustained in a negligent act, but often omit to include a factor for psychological trauma when the victim is going to be scarred from their injury for the rest of their lives. A scar injury compensation claim might even be the most appropriate course of action when you have suffered an injury in an accident which was not your fault, and in which the injury itself would heal quickly, but leave a permanent mark.

An example of a claim for scar injury compensation would be when a person has been knocked from their bicycle and sustained a badly grazed cheek. The actual injury is not particularly severe and will hopefully clear up very quickly, but the location of the injury will make the scar which is left behind difficult to disguise and naturally draw the eye. This could damage the victim’s confidence and even lead to depression – a particularly dangerous occurrence where children are concerned.

The answer for most victims of accidents in which scar injuries are sustained is to undergo plastic surgery. However, this is expensive and may mean that the patient has to take time off from work before, during and after surgery. One of the methods of funding such an operation is to make a claim for scar injury compensation against the negligent party responsible for your injury. In this way both the cost of the operation and any loss of earnings can be covered by the person responsible for creating the problem in the first place.

Making a Scar Injury Compensation Claim

Making a scar injury compensation claim is best done with the assistance of a specialised personal injury claims solicitor. The process for making a scar injury claim to the Injuries Board Ireland can be quite complex if you want to ensure you receive adequate scar injury compensation. Advice from an experienced solicitor on the completion and submission of the application form can make a significant difference to the amount of scar injury compensation that is assessed.

Furthermore, should the negligent party dispute his liability for your scar injury, or claim that you contributed to your injuries by your actions, the Injuries Board Ireland will decline to assess your scar injury claim and instead issue you with an authorisation to pursue your claim through the court system. In these instances, and in those when the Injuries Board Ireland’s assessment is contested, you will need legal representation, and a solicitor who has been involved in the process from the very beginning will be the best person to follow it through.

Free Scar Injury Claims Advice

If you have sustained a scar injury in an accident which was not wholly your fault, you are invited to discuss your claim for scar injury compensation with a personal injury claims solicitor on 1800 911 940.  Our free scar injury claims advice service will also enable you to receive some helpful and practical advice from an experienced legal professional, and discover how much scar injury compensation you could actually receive.

Our free scar injury claims advice service is open from 8.00am to 10.00pm, seven days a week, and you will find our service is both sympathetic to your needs and conducted in plain English. All calls to our free scar injury claims advice service are completely confidential and once you have spoken with us, there is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim for scar injury compensation.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

When you call our free scar injury claims advice service, you will be speaking with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor who has many years of helping clients overcome complex personal injury claims for compensation. You will find that all of our advice is given out in plain English and in a very understandable way.

There are certain questions we will ask you first to help establish that you indeed have a scar injury compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue. These will include how the original accident happened, how the injury sustained at the time was treated and what impact the scar left from that injury has made to your life.

Of course, you are welcome to ask us as many questions as you believe are relevant to a scar injury compensation claim. If you are calling on behalf of one of your children who has been injured in an accident, it will be useful to have them near the telephone when you call.

We tend to conclude each initial conversation with a summary of what we have discussed and checking that you have understood the answers to any questions you may have had. We also provide you with a list of suggestions to consider which you are under no obligation to act upon, but which might be of benefit should you choose to proceed with a scar injury compensation claim.

Scars acquired from accidents can create as much damage internally as the initial injury did externally. Where there is an option to remove that scar and return your life to normal, it is in your best interests to take advantage of that opportunity and use it to repair your life. However, you only have a certain time  in which to make your claim for scar injury compensation before the claim becomes time-barred.

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