Scarring Injury Compensation Claim

Any form of accident can lead to a scarring injury compensation claim. The most common causes of scarring injuries are road traffic accidents, incidents at the workplace, slips, trips or falls, and medical negligence. Scarring injuries which affect young children often carry the highest level of scarring injury compensation, as the scar is likely to remain with them forever unless they undergo plastic surgery.

As with any injury, as soon as you have been hurt, it is essential that you seek urgent medical attention. Cuts and lacerations which lead to permanent scarring injuries can be the source of infections and, as well as dressing the affected area, some skilful doctors will be able to reduce the ultimate scarring. Nonetheless, if your scarring injury has been caused by the negligence of another, once any immediate threat to your health is averted, you should speak with a solicitor about making a scarring injury compensation claim.

Making a Scarring Injury Compensation Claim

Claims for scarring injury compensation made against a medical professional have to be litigated in court. All other scarring injury compensation claims are submitted to the Injuries Board Ireland, together with a copy of the medical report concerning your injuries and an accident report either compiled by the Gardai, your employer or other person liable for your injury. The Injuries Board Ireland will assess your claim, organise an independent medical examination and – if both parties accept their assessment of your scarring injury compensation claim – issue an order to pay.

Problems arise when the negligent party denies their liability for your injuries or claims that you contributed to them through your own lack of care. Both instances would mean that the Injuries Board Ireland would decline to assess your scaring injury compensation claim and issue you with an authorisation to pursue your scarring injury claim in court. The same action would apply if either party failed to accept the Injury Board Ireland´s assessment of scaring injury compensation.

Free Scarring Injury Claim Advice

Because there are so many potential complications when making a claim for scaring injury compensation, we have established a free scarring injury claim service which you are invited to call and discuss your entitlement to scarring injury compensation with an experienced solicitor. Over 90% of personal injury claims for compensation presented to the Injuries Board Ireland have been prepared by a solicitor on behalf of clients, and more than two thirds of these are either resolved by negotiation before the Injuries Board makes their assessment or litigated in court.

For these reasons, it is in your best interests to always consult with a solicitor before making a scarring injury compensation claim and, in order to do that, call 1800 911 940 and discuss your case with an experienced legal expert from our solicitor´s panel. Our lines are open from 8.00am to 10.00pm, seven days a week, and we also operate a call-back service if you would rather that we called you. There is no obligation on you to proceed with a scarring injury compensation claim once you have spoken with us, and all calls to our free scarring injury claim advice service are completely confidential.

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Our Promise to You:

  • 100% Free consultation with an experienced solicitor
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  • 100% No pressure on you to proceed with a claim

What You Can Expect When You Call

We acknowledge that if you are calling our free scarring injury claim advice service, you will have recently been through a painful and traumatic experience. You will not only have a permanent reminder of your injury, but the way in which it was acquired, too.

Therefore, you will find us sympathetic and understanding as you explain to us how you sustained the injury, what treatment you received for it and what impact it has made to your quality of life. You are, of course, welcome to ask any relevant questions you wish.

We will assess whether you have a scaring injury compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue, advise you of the procedures you will have to go through in order to make a successful scarring injury claim and, wherever possible, give you an indication of how much scarring injury compensation we would expect you to receive.

At the end of our initial conversation, we will summarise what we have discussed and provide you with a list of options for your consideration. You are under no obligation to act on our suggestions, nor proceed with a scarring injury compensation claim. Many clients have found that talking with family and friends has helped them come to a decision about making a scarring injury compensation claim.

Before worrying about what you should or should not do, get the facts about your entitlement to make a scaring injury claim from our free scarring injury claim advice service on 1800 911 940 today. If now is not a convenient time to call, leave your contact details in the form below, and one of our experienced solicitors will get back in touch with you.