Shopping Centre Injury Claim

If you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident at a shopping centre and the injury was not totally your own fault then you are entitled to make an injury claim.

However we would urge you to seek medical assistance as your first priority because not only will this help with your claim but you should remember that no amount of shopping centre injury compensation can make up for having to deal with ongoing health problems caused by the accident.

Shopping Centre Compensation Claims

Shopping Centres have a duty of care to ensure people are safe while shopping on their premises, which may also include their car park. Therefore if you slip on a wet floor, trip over an obstacle in an aisle, are hit by an item falling from a shelf, or trip due to a pothole in the shopping centre car park, you may be entitled to make an injury compensation claim.

To help your potential claim, you should report your accident to the manager of the shopping centre, or to their customer service desk, if they have one. The shopping centre personnel should ask you to fill out an accident report form, and they should make sure the accident is recorded in their accident book.

If there are any witnesses to your incident, try to ask for the names and contact details of the witnesses. If possible you should also try to take a photograph of what has caused your supermarket injury. By gathering evidence of the accident through photographs and witness details, you will stand a better chance of being successful in making a shopping centre injury compensation claim.

Assessing your Shopping Centre Injury

Whatever the specific details of your accident are it is essential that you seek the best advise from an experienced legal advisor about how to make your claim if you want to receive what you are entitled to.

In too many cases we find people who make shopping centre claims not understanding that the amount they have been offered does not truly compensate them for the suffering they experience.

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