Shoulder Compensation Claim

Shoulder injuries come in many different varieties from the physically traumatic – such as a broken collar bone – to those which manifest over a period of time – such as repetitive strain injuries. Although one example is usually the result of strong physical impact and the other more commonly associated with work-related acquired diseases, where another person is responsible for your shoulder injuries due to negligence or a lack of care, you are entitled to make a shoulder injury compensation claim.

Because of the many different ailments that can affect the shoulder – and the long term consequences of having shoulder injuries – whenever you experience a pain in your shoulder, you should seek medical advice immediately. Whereas if you suffered a fracture or dislocated shoulder you would automatically visit a doctor, complaints like tendonitis, bursitis and frozen shoulder can develop over a period of time and be largely ignored.

These latter complaints can deteriorate to a stage that surgery may be required to repair the damage and, in the most severe cases, it may take as long as two years until the sufferer regains full shoulder movement. This is why it is so important to use the services of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor when you have acquired a shoulder injury through no fault of your own and are intending to make a shoulder injury compensation claim against the negligent party.

Making a Shoulder Injury Compensation Claim

Because many of the most severe shoulder injuries result from the work environment, one of the main benefits of using a solicitor when claiming for shoulder injury compensation is that there is less chance for an unsavoury conflict when returning to work. Although most employers would be mortified that they have failed in their “duty of care” towards an employee, when their insurance company has just had to pay out for a shoulder injury claim – and the employers´ premiums have risen as a result – the employer may have mixed feelings about seeing you again.  Furthermore, if you have worked for an employer for a long time, you may have developed a relationship with them that you would be reluctant to damage with a shoulder injury compensation claim.

This is just one of the reasons why using the services of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor when claiming compensation for a shoulder injury can be of benefit to you. Other reasons would include the completion and submission of the application form to the Injuries Board Ireland for the assessment of your shoulder injury claim, dealing with instances where a negligent party denies their liability or claims that you in some contributed to your injury by your own actions, and where either party disputes the amount of compensation assessed by the Injuries Board Ireland. A solicitor can also be a useful ally when you have been approached by the negligent party´s insurance company with the offer of an early settlement, as they will have up-to-date information regarding what constitutes an appropriate compensation amount for a shoulder injury.

Free Shoulder Injury Compensation Advice

If you have been involved in an accident in which you have suffered a shoulder injury, or worked in an environment which has resulted in you sustaining a work-related shoulder disease, you are invited to call our free shoulder injury compensation advice service on 1800 911 940. You will be able to discuss your case on a one-to-one basis with one of our experienced personal injury claims solicitors and receive some helpful and practical advice.

There is no obligation on you to proceed with a shoulder injury claim for compensation once you have spoken with us, and all calls are treated courteously with the utmost confidentiality. Our lines are open from 8.00am to 10.00pm, and we also operate a call-back service if it is an inconvenient time for you to speak with us right now. Simply complete your contact details in the box at the foot of the page and one of our team will be back in touch.

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What to Expect When You Call

When you call our free shoulder injury compensation advice telephone service, you will be speaking directly with an experienced solicitor, familiar with shoulder injury claims for compensation and their causes. They will also be knowledgeable of the pain you are currently going through and the worry of potentially not being able to look after your loved ones through lack of work or being able to perform duties such as driving.

Our solicitor will ask you to describe what has happened to your shoulder, the circumstances leading up to the injury and what treatment or therapy you are undergoing to help the healing process. We will also want to know who you feel is responsible for your shoulder injury and what other losses you may have suffered as a result of their lack of care.

This information will help us compile a preliminary assessment of your entitlement to claim compensation for a shoulder injury, ensure that you have a case which it is worth your while to pursue and give you an indication of how much shoulder injury compensation we would anticipate you receive. If you have any questions for us, you are welcome to ask them at any point during our discussion, or call back if you think of them at a later date.

We generally conclude each initial conversation with a summary of the options available to you. You are under no obligation to follow any of our advice or make a claim for shoulder injury compensation once you have spoken to us. Many of our clients prefer to have a little time to consider the advice we have offered, however you only have two years from the “date of knowledge” of a shoulder injury in which to make a claim.

Consequently it is in your best interests to call our free should injury compensation advice line on 1800 911 940 as soon as possible. Two years may seem like a long time in which to prepare a case, but if a specialist medical examination is required to support your shoulder injury compensation claim, delays could occur and you may run the risk on being time-barred from making a claim. Therefore, we look forward to hearing from you soon.