Symphysiotomy Compensation in Ireland

Symphysiotomy Compensation in Ireland

Symphysiotomies were performed in a number of Irish maternity hospitals for almost half a century between 1944 and 1992, and it is estimated that approximately fifteen hundred women underwent the procedure without their knowledge or consent. Although no more than two hundred of the known victims survive, the Statute of Limitations currently time-bars them from claiming symphysiotomy compensation in Ireland.

Calls have been made to the government to waive the Statute of Limitations for symphysiotomy compensation claims in order that women who were victims of medical negligence can claim symphysiotomy compensation in Ireland however, there may still be many more women who have not yet discovered that they were victims of gross medical negligence while under the effects of anaesthesia during the delivery process.

Making Symphysiotomy Claims in Ireland

If you are a woman who gave birth in an Irish maternity hospital between 1944 and 1992, and have since experienced physical problems such as impaired mobility and incontinence – or had difficulty bonding with your child and suffered from depression as a result – it may be possible that you underwent a symphysiotomy procedure for which you could be able to claim compensation.

In order to establish that you underwent a symphysiotomy procedure, you will have to speak with your GP and request a copy of your medical records from the hospital(s) in which you gave birth. If it is discovered that you underwent a symphysiotomy procedure without your knowledge (and thereby without your consent), you will be entitled to make symphysiotomy claims in Ireland.

Speak With a Solicitor about Symphysiotomy Compensation in Ireland

If you discover that you have been the victim of symphysiotomy medical negligence – or should the government lift the Statute of Limitations for existing symphysiotomy claims in Ireland – claims for symphysiotomy compensation will have to be pursued through the High Court. Although hospital medical negligence liability for symphysiotomy injuries is virtually assured, the way in which the procedure affected the lives of the women who underwent a symphysiotomy operation will be different in every case.

No two claims for symphysiotomy compensation in Ireland will be the same – even when the same symptoms of a symphysiotomy procedure exist. Therefore, it is in your best interests to discuss the circumstances of your symphysiotomy injury and the consequences it had on your quality of life with a solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity.