Toe Injury Compensation Claim

Toe injuries most often happen when we stub our foot against a solid object or drop a heavy article onto our toe. Workers in the construction industry are equipped with boots that have reinforced toecaps to prevent this type of injury. In other work environments, employers are liable for a toe injury compensation claim if they have failed to provide adequate employee protection and you suffer a toe injury because of their negligence.

This is particularly relevant in jobs where a lot of manual handling of heavy products is required. Most employers are aware that they have to be wary of injuries sustained due to lifting and carrying, but this includes all aspects of the job and not just how to bend one´s knees. You are entitled to claim for toe injury compensation if your employer has failed in his obligation to provide a safe environment for you to work in according to the regulations published in the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act.

Irrespective of whether you injure your toe in the work environment, in a road traffic accident or while simply walking along an uneven footpath, your first priority is to seek medical attention. If you have diabetes, poor circulation or bleeding disorders, your toe injury could become a very serious health issue if not treated promptly. Even when you believe that you have a minor injury, it is always worth your while to have a precautionary examination before making a toe injury compensation claim.

Making a Toe Injury Compensation Claim

A toe injury compensation claim is made to the Injuries Board Ireland by completing their application form either online or by hard copy. However, one of the elements overlooked in the application form is the consequences of a toe injury, and how they affect your quality of life while you are recovering. You may not be able to drive, to work or care for young children – all consequences which mean you are going to experience out of pocket expenses, a loss of earnings or both.

This is why a claim for toe injury compensation is always best compiled with the assistance of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor. A solicitor will ensure that your application for toe injury compensation is comprehensively completed to ensure you receive a fair and adequate settlement. By using a solicitor to help with your toe injury claim, you may also avoid a potentially awkward situation when you return to work.

Most employers are naturally distraught that an employee of theirs has suffered an injury but may be advised by their insurance company not to accept liability for your toe injury claim. If this happens, the Injuries Board Ireland will decline your application for toe injury compensation and you will have to pursue your claim through the court system. Again, a solicitor who has been involved in the process from the very beginning will be the best person to advise you on your next course of action.

Free Toe Injury Claims Advice

If you have sustained an injury to your toe in an accident which was not your fault, you are invited to call our free toe injury claims advice service on 1800 911 940 and speak with an experienced solicitor about your entitlement to claim toe injury compensation. Our service enables you to discuss the circumstances around your accident, establish that you have a claim for toe injury compensation which is worth your while to pursue and get some up to date information about how much toe injury compensation you may be entitled to.

Furthermore, you will receive helpful and practical advice on how to complete the application form to the Injuries Board Ireland to maximise your “special damages”, and what to do should your employer deny liability for the accident which caused the toe injury. Our free toe injury claims advice service may also be of value to people who have already made a claim for toe injury compensation and been approached by the negligent party´s insurance company with an offer of early settlement.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

We understand how debilitating a toe injury can be. As well as being incredibly painful for a relatively small part of the body, a toe injury seems to develop an ability to collide with any solid object whereas it would never have done so before.

Therefore, you will find us courteous and respectful of the trauma you have suffered when you call our free toe injury claims advice line, and listen carefully as you explain to us the circumstances surrounding your injury and ask any questions you may have.

We will discuss how your toe injury has affected your quality of life and those around you, and determine which additional factors need to be integrated into a claim for toe injury compensation. We will also provide you with a list of options for you to consider at the end of our conversation.

You are under no obligation to act on any of our suggestions, and may wish to have a little time to consider the advice we have given you or discuss your options with family and friends. However, we would advise against delaying contacting our free toe injury claims advice service.

Personal injuries of this nature only have a certain time in which you can make a claim for toe injury compensation, and to leave it for too long may mean that you toe injury claim is time-barred. Therefore, once you have received the appropriate medical attention, call 1800 911 940 and speak with one of our solicitors today.

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